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Touring the Great Lakes in a Cirrus SR-22

I just returned from a great two day adventure which started in Worcester, MA.  I was in Massechusets to complete a pre buy inspection flight and aircraft delivery on a 2008 Cirrus SR-22. There were only a few minor squawks with the aircraft, so the new aircraft owner and I started our tour of the great lakes first thing this morning.

I called Worcester Tower for departure and was sternly corrected in the pronunciation as “Wuster Tower”.  I accidentally showed my true Midwestern roots.  Our route took us on a breathtaking tour of Lake Ontario, Lake Erie and Lake Huron with a fuel stop in Saginaw, MI. When we weren’t distracted by the stunning view, we worked on Cirrus Transition Training and Cirrus Emergency Procedures. After a quick lunch, we launched for the final leg from Saginaw to Flying Cloud Airport and enjoyed the beauty of Lake Michigan at 10,000 feet.

The aircraft owner was thrilled with the ability of the Cirrus SR22 to take us from the east coast to Flying Cloud Airport, receive the required Cirrus Transition Training, and enjoy the view of 4 out of the 5 great lakes all in time to get home for dinner. We are planning on finishing the last great lake later this week with a quick trip to Duluth.

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