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We would like to announce some great deals available to our customers!

 $399/hour block rate on Robinson R44 through October!*

Robinson R44

Robinson R44

 Our Robinson R44 Raven II helicopter is discounted to the fantastic rental rate of $399/hour through the month of October!  Take advantage of this terrific deal while there is still time.  If you always wanted to get the hours you needed to qualify under the SFAR requirements, or you haven’t flown the R44 for awhile and want to brush up with an instructor, or if you’d like to do instrument training in the R44 using the Garmin 430 GPS, now is the time!


Fall Flight Training Special: $199/month** for Private Pilot Airplane Single Engine Land! 

Jabiru J170-SP

Jabiru J170-SP

Experience the dream of airplane flying for this great special loan program for the fall. 

  • Start immediately
  • 2 flight lessons a week around your schedule
  • Instructors and aircraft readily available
  • Loan application is free and can be done right in the office
  • Same day response to see if you qualify
  • $250 down payment which goes toward your flight training
  • Fraud proof loan where the funds are dedicated to flight training!

The loan will cover all costs of aircraft rental, instructor, fuel, ground school tuition, books, and supplies.

Call us today at 952-944-2628 to arrange your helicopter or airplane training!  We look forward to seeing you!

* This Special Rate is available through the month of October 2009.  Special rate applies to flight training only as a block rate in the Robinson R44 helicopter.  Must purchase at least five (5) hours of flight time to qualify for block rate.  Special rate not applicable to commercial work such as aerial tours, photo flights, etc.  Normal block rate is $460/hour plus $18/hour fuel surcharge.  Standard rate is $529/hour plus $18/hour fuel surcharge.  Special rate does not include instructor fees.  Special rate is wet rate that includes cost of fuel.  Other restrictions may apply.

 ** This loan program applies only to fixed wing airplane flight training for a Private Pilot Certificate.  Information listed is a sample loan rate for a qualified buyer.  60 months to pay.  Other restrictions may apply.

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