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Airport Construction

FCM Airport Construction

FCM Airport Construction

There are lots of changes happening daily to the Flying Cloud Airport runways and taxiways. Next time you fly you will notice that the hold short markings for runway 28R and 10L have been moved further from the runway. These hold short lines are now 200 feet from the center of the runway. For the next few weeks you will see both the old and new hold short lines. The official hold short line will still be the old markings until the runway signs are moved to align with the new hold short lines.

Eventually this will affect the operations on taxiway alpha. When exiting runway 28R or 10L towards the north you will have to taxi all the way onto taxiway alpha to clear the runway. Aircraft will not be allowed to take off or land until you do this. If you exit 28R or 10L towards the south there will be 50 feet available between the two runway hold short lines so that you can be clear of both parallel runways. Another change is the removal of run-up space near the threshold of 28R. I would suggest doing your run-up prior to your taxi to the runway. This will help prevent a backup of aircraft trying to reach the runway for takeoff.

Over the next few weeks there will be lots of changes in runways, signs, and markings at the airport. Check notams and be diligent in your taxi planning and ground operations. If you have any questions about  your taxi instructions, airport signage, or markings then stop and clarify with ground control.

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