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Flight Training Barriers

Flight Training Barriers

Overcoming 3 Flight Training Barriers

I constantly hear from people “I have wanted to learn to fly for the past 5, 10, 30 years but I don’t have (a) the money,  (b) enough time, or (c) my spouse doesn’t want me to fly in small airplanes”. If you fall into one of these 3 categories, here are solutions to get you up in the air.


Money: Hummingbird Aviation rents a Jabiru Light Sport Aircraft, in which you can complete your Sport Pilot Certificate or Private Pilot Certificate. The training costs for the Sport Pilot can be half of the costs for a Private Pilot Certificate. In addition, you can rent the 2008 glass panel Jabiru for under $100 per hour, which is considerably less than most aircraft. Hummingbird Aviation also offers a loan program where clients can complete your entire Private Pilot Training for installments of $199 per month. Discussions with the Chief Instructor or your flight instructor can also yield tips on how to economically complete the most advanced training.

 Time: Flight training occurs around your schedule and isn’t as time consuming as you might imagine. While some of my students choose accelerated training and finish their certificate in a couple weeks, most fly 2-3 times per week devoting just 2 hours per lesson. Our scheduling is open online where you are allowed to book lessons weeks and months in advance and then make changes as necessary.

My Spouse Says “I don’t think so”: I can personally attest that when my wife says those words that there is a formidable barrier to overcome, but it is not impossible. Without giving away too many of my secrets, I will stick to how it relates to flight training. I have found that most spouses, including mine, think that small aircraft are dangerous. This almost always stems from the fear of the unknown. I offer individualized ground and flight training to spouses to go over these concerns and how they are addressed in training and during flights to provide education on the safety afforded by properly trained pilots and safety measures of small planes.

 Everyone’s situation is unique, but there is almost always a strategy I can develop with my students to overcome these three common flight training barriers.

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