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Steve Goebel completed his Sport Pilot Certificate in a Jabiru Light Sport Aircraft.

Sport Pilot Steve Goebel

Sport Pilot Steve Goebel

Steve has been training with CFI David Klemenhagen since August. He took his check ride today with Designated Pilot Examiner Barb Mack. I got a chance to talk with Steve after his flight and he told me that it was very uneventful. There were no surprises and he was well prepared. He is excited to take some family members for rides over the next few weeks and enjoy his new flying privileges. Sometime in the next year he will work on completing his Private Pilot Certificate.

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4 Responses to “Most Recent Sport Pilot Graduate”

Scooby 2009/11/19

Congrats bud!!! hopefully I will be joining you soon, in that ranking!!!

Roxanne aka. sister 2009/11/19

Congrats. Sounds like fun.
I am sure you will be a great pilot…

David Klemenhagen 2009/11/19

Good Job Steve!!

Ellorine 2009/11/19

Good Job Son!!
Very proud of you.
Your Dad is waiting for a ride.