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Archive for June, 2010


Our students at Hummingbird Aviation have been very busy the last couple months with fixed wing and rotorcraft flight training. Here’s an update on what a couple of Hummingbird Aviation students have accomplished in the last month.


Tom Everson

June 3, Tom Everson completed his Helicopter Instrument rating in a Schweizer 300CB. Tom Everson has been flying for many years and has been an EMS pilot for the past nine years. After many months of training at Hummingbird Aviation with Jimmy Young, Tom Everson completed his instrument rating with Designated Pilot Examiner Chris Anderson from Janesville, WI. He completed his instrument rating just in time for summer and then plans to continue flying EMS. Congratulations Tom for your Instrument rating!


Camilo_Pineda_1After a long streak of bad weather Camilo Pineda also completed his Sport Pilot rating in a Jabiru Light Sport Aircraft May 28. Flying with Jeff Dalton at Hummingbird Aviation he completed his check ride with Designated Pilot Examiner Barb Mack and then continued the evening giving his first ride as a rated pilot to his wife. Camilo Pineda plans to continue flying recreationally with his family. Congratulations Camilo for your Sport Pilot rating!



After flying Blackhawks in the National Guard, Shane Hallesy continued at Hummingbird Aviation for add-on rating as a Private Pilot Airplane. After flying to Crystal Airport May 27 he completed his Private Pilot rating with Designated Pilot Examiner Barb Mack. After completing his rating Shane Hallesy plans to use it to fly C12’s in the military. Congratulations Shane for your Private Pilot Airplane rating!


Ben Lewis also completed his Private Pilot Helicopter rating in a Schweizer 300CB on May 23Ben_Lewis_1. Before coming to Hummingbird Aviation Ben Lewis had already obtained his Private Pilot Airplane and planned to get an add-on rating in a helicopter. After obtaining his helicopter rating this spring, Ben Lewis plans to continue to his flying to acquire his Commercial and Instrument rating as well. Congratulations Ben for your Private Pilot Helicopter rating!






Finally only after three weeks of training Aaron Hickok completed his first solo in a Schweizer 300CB on May 15. Aaron Hickok is working on completing his Private Pilot Helicopter in an accelerated 141 program at Hummingbird Aviation to fly within his business of Hickok & Associates in Alabama testing and creating GPS Helicopter approaches. Congratulations Aaron for completing your first solo flight in the Schweizer 300CB!


Congratulations to all of Hummingbird Aviation students within the fixed-wing and rotorcraft programs. If you would like more information about joining with us today, please call or email to see what it takes to become a rated pilot!

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