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Paul Peterson is starting a new career as a professional helicopter pilot. Well, it all starts with that first ever solo flight. Pre-flight: check; fuel: check; key: check; dispatch: check; confidence: …………check. Way to go, Paul!

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Hard Work Pays Off in Big Way.

Hey Chris and Bev, just wanted to touch base with ya.

I headed out to work a couple months ago, and it’s been going pretty well.  The second day that I was in Virginia, my boss asked if I wanted to go fly.  So, right off the bat, a 150 hour pilot got to hop in the seat with his boss, in a turbine Hiller Soloy…. How awesome is that!?  The flight was a bit bumpy, but went a lot better than I had thought it might.  He seemed to think it went quite well, so that’s compliments to Hummingbird, as well as me.

I had to do a lot of ground work, once we got out to spraying.  We are mostly doing “release work” right now, which means spraying the very young trees for competing weeds and grasses, or other hardwoods that would stunt their growth. I moved from a crew in Virginia, to Arkansas after a month.  I was supposed to train with a pilot in Virginia, but he ended up having to do other work, so they moved me to Arkansas to train with a different pilot.  After proving to him that I can do the job well, he got me flying again.  This time, I even surprised myself with how well it went.  We’re going to be moving down to Texas in a week, I believe, to do some other spray work.  Hopefully I’ll be doing most of the ferry flights, and building that ever needed turbine time.

It’s been going really good so far, and I say thanks again, because you’re the reason I got this job in the first place!

Mike Alexander
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