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Congratulation on Your First Solo Flight!

Kyle Marten has accomplished his first ever SOLO flight, but he did it at NIGHT!

It so happens that Kyle works a full-time job just like most of us. As a result, he trains on evenings and weekends at Hummingbird Aviation. Instructor Loren Jones determined that Kyle was ready to solo but the weekend weather wasn’t cooperative. So, training progressed to night flight lessons.

On one such night lesson, everything came together , canadian pharmacy . After getting appropriate endorsements in his log book and student pilot certificate, Kyle was kicked out of the nest for his first flight alone.

When asked about the night solo flight, Kyle just shrugs and says, “Well, you have to solo sometime.”

Congratulations on an unusual first SOLO flight!

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Congratulations Amanda!

Amanda Minder joins a proud family tradition and is now a Private Pilot.

Amanda completed her training in the family Cherokee 140 with instructor Craig Allison.

She arrived at Hummingbird for her check ride after a school day as a Senior student at Eden Prairie High School. A quick check of the weather followed by updating her cross country planning and she was ready for the oral portion of the examination. Two hours later, Amanda performed a pre-flight inspection of the aircraft and then launched into the air with Designated Pilot Examiner, Mike Andersen. They arrived back in a little over an hour and Amanda is now our newest pilot.

Please join our staff and her family and friends in congratulating Amanda on her accomplishment.

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