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Congratulations on well-earned ratings!

William Halpin adds both the Commercial Pilot Single-Engine Sea and Single-Engine Land ratings to his Commercial Pilot Rotorcraft/Helicopter rating – all earned at Hummingbird Aviation.

The day started with the arrival of designated pilot examiner Bill Amorde from Superior, Wisconsin in his beautiful home-builtĀ  RV-6 experimental airplane. After completion of the oral exam portion of the seaplane practical test, pilot and examiner departed for a late-morining drive to Lake Minnetonka where they launched in a Cessna 182 seaplane for the flight portion of the practical test. A couple of hours later, the pair returned with smiles and we have a new Commercial Sea Plane Pilot.

After reviewing a second application and completion of a second oral exam the pair departed in a Piper PA28R-180 airplane for the initial portion of the Commercial Pilot Single-Engine Land rating. With a successful single trip around the pattern at Flying Cloud airport, the pair changed aircraft to Halpin’s Piper PA28-140 aircraft for the remainder of the practical test.

Family and well-wishers congregated with the day ending and darkness approaching. The Cherokee finally returned and the smiles told the story , for quality medicines visit us . We have a new Commercial Single-Engine Land pilot.

That is two checkrides in three aircraft in the same day.

Congratulations Bill! What a great accomplishment!

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