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Congratulations on well-earned ratings!

William Halpin adds both the Commercial Pilot Single-Engine Sea and Single-Engine Land ratings to his Commercial Pilot Rotorcraft/Helicopter rating – all earned at Hummingbird Aviation.

The day started with the arrival of designated pilot examiner Bill Amorde from Superior, Wisconsin in his beautiful home-built  RV-6 experimental airplane. After completion of the oral exam portion of the seaplane practical test, pilot and examiner departed for a late-morining drive to Lake Minnetonka where they launched in a Cessna 182 seaplane for the flight portion of the practical test. A couple of hours later, the pair returned with smiles and we have a new Commercial Sea Plane Pilot.

After reviewing a second application and completion of a second oral exam the pair departed in a Piper PA28R-180 airplane for the initial portion of the Commercial Pilot Single-Engine Land rating. With a successful single trip around the pattern at Flying Cloud airport, the pair changed aircraft to Halpin’s Piper PA28-140 aircraft for the remainder of the practical test.

Family and well-wishers congregated with the day ending and darkness approaching. The Cherokee finally returned and the smiles told the story , for quality medicines visit us . We have a new Commercial Single-Engine Land pilot.

That is two checkrides in three aircraft in the same day.

Congratulations Bill! What a great accomplishment!

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Congratulation on Your First Solo Flight!

Kyle Marten has accomplished his first ever SOLO flight, but he did it at NIGHT!

It so happens that Kyle works a full-time job just like most of us. As a result, he trains on evenings and weekends at Hummingbird Aviation. Instructor Loren Jones determined that Kyle was ready to solo but the weekend weather wasn’t cooperative. So, training progressed to night flight lessons.

On one such night lesson, everything came together , canadian pharmacy . After getting appropriate endorsements in his log book and student pilot certificate, Kyle was kicked out of the nest for his first flight alone.

When asked about the night solo flight, Kyle just shrugs and says, “Well, you have to solo sometime.”

Congratulations on an unusual first SOLO flight!

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Congratulations Amanda!

Amanda Minder joins a proud family tradition and is now a Private Pilot.

Amanda completed her training in the family Cherokee 140 with instructor Craig Allison.

She arrived at Hummingbird for her check ride after a school day as a Senior student at Eden Prairie High School. A quick check of the weather followed by updating her cross country planning and she was ready for the oral portion of the examination. Two hours later, Amanda performed a pre-flight inspection of the aircraft and then launched into the air with Designated Pilot Examiner, Mike Andersen. They arrived back in a little over an hour and Amanda is now our newest pilot.

Please join our staff and her family and friends in congratulating Amanda on her accomplishment.

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A lot has changed in 40 years. Welcome Back Rick!

The old saying about “It’s like riding a bike” in reference to being able to do something you may not have tried in a long time does apply to aviation!

I had the privilege of flying with Rick Marshall who earned his pilots license at the age of 17, then didn’t fly again for 40 years.  He thought it might take 20 or more hours to get back in the game, but after one flight I knew it wouldn’t take that long as I saw those skills acquired long ago quickly coming back.  I think I assisted him on the first landing, and maybe a little on the second landing, but after that I don’t think I touched the controls other than to demonstrate tasks that he hadn’t practiced in decades.

Radio communications was his biggest challenge, having not flown at a busy towered field very much during his original training.  But that skill came with a little practice both on the ground and in the air.  Over the course of five or so lessons we reviewed all the core airman tasks required by the FAA’s current Practical Test Standards. We visited multiple uncontrolled fields as he learned the new art of GPS navigation in addition to brushing up on old-school VOR navigation.

On the ground we spent a couple of hours reviewing regulatory changes that have occurred over the past 40 years, including airspace, new airport signage, etc. He also learned to use the latest and greatest technology tools available to pilots today. He is now setup for flight planning on his iPad, including doing weight and balance calculations with the leading apps for those tasks.

Congratulation, Rick, on your return to the sky!  Fly safe!                        (Story by Loren Jones)

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Check Ride on a VERY Windy Day!

Paul Peterson completed his Private Pilot Helicopter check ride in less than ideal weather while wife, Jennifer, recorded the event for later critique. Wow, that wind was strong! (Makes for an easy autorotation, though.)

Congratulations, Paul. You are on your way to a new career!

We wish you the best!

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I want to fly HELICOPTERS!

To the crew at Hummingbird Aviation,

I want to thank you all for a fantastic first flight for my Hannah. I would also like to add a big thanks to Bill (our pilot) for making it a smooth flight. And a very special thanks to Chris and Beverly for helping Hannah work through her fear of flying over the last 2 years.

She was so excited about the flight, she is telling all “I’m gonna fly helicopters when I get older!”

That puts a huge smile on her daddy’s face.

Thank you,  Dean Lyle

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Blue skys, clam winds make a great day for SOLO flight!

Jim Griffith is working on his Private Pilot certificate in our Jabiru J170-SP aircraft.

Jim is one of those students who likes to study and must understand all aspects of his flight training. (He asks lots of questions.) We like students who have a thirst for knowledge. Jim completed our FAA-Approved pilot ground school in June and is progressing toward certification as a pilot.

Congratulations, Jim!

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Nice Flight George!

Check this out. George Lichty is adding a commercial helicopter rating to his private pilot airplane certificate. He enjoys flying our new (to us) Schweizer 300C helicopter. The extra power is great in those warm Minnesota summers. Way to go, George!

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Volunteers Make AirExpo Successful

It was another successful Flying Cloud AirExpo event with the help of a number of volunteers. We offered both airplane and helicopter rides for the two day event in Eden Prairie, Minnesota. A portion of the proceeds goes to support the event organizer, Wings of the North, a 501(c)(3).

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Congratulations, Aaron!

Aaron Halpin is the 2013 winner of the James F. Dubay Memorial Scholarship which is sponsored by Wings of the North.

The James F. Dubay Memorial Fund was born out of the desire to encourage those who dreamed of flight to find their wings.  Whether a technical, practical or theoretical education is being sought, the James F. Dubay Scholarship can help students fund their flight.

The scholarship award of $1,500 was presented by Greg Kaminski representing Wings of the North.

Aaron says, “I am currently pursuing my private pilot’s license and am enrolled as a freshmen at the University of North Dakota’s Aviation program for Fall 2013.

My plan is to leave UND with a Commercial rating in order to join the Navy and become a Naval aviator which I will spend the rest of my life perfecting the art of flight.”

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