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Discovery Flight

A Helicopter Discovery Flight at Hummingbird Aviation is an exciting way to learn what helicopter flying is all about. The usefulness, versatility, joy, and excitement is all brought together with a hands-on flying experience in the Schweizer 300CBi!

Our Discovery Flight is charged at a reduced rate for your benefit. It is $180 for a one-half hour flight that counts towards the total time you need for your first helicopter license! In the one-on-one ground training we will point out the basic control functions and aircraft components to you. Then, you get in the pilot-in-command seat and fly with one of our professional Certificated Flight Instructors! This hands-on approach is the best way to discover what helicopter flying is all about!

Give the Gift of Flight! A Discovery Flight makes a memorable gift. Purchase a Pilot Log Book so the recipient can log that first flight lesson. And, the discovery flight counts toward the FAA pilot certificate.

Why train at Hummingbird?

One-on-one training maximizes your dollars spent.

We train you faster because you get specialized one-on-one attention where subject matter is tailored to your learning style.

We work with your schedule and budget, not ours!

Whether your from out-of-town and want to fly twice a day, or local and want to fly once a week, our flexible scheduling allows us to meet your needs.

We use the best and safest helicopter training platform in the world!

The Schweizer 300-series are the safest piston helicopters in the world. They have a smooth and stable multi-bladed rotor system that is extremely forgiving to students. Schweizer helicopters' built in safety margins are second to none!

Schweizer helicopters are not subject to SFAR 73.

There are no special training requirements associated with Schweizer helicopters and there is no minimum time to solo. People train faster in a Schweizer, it's a fact!

Conventional flight controls.

Schweizer helicopters have the same flight control systems that you will find in other commercial helicopters that you may fly in the future! That makes transition to other helicopters easy.

We fly new equipment.

All of our equipment is the most advanced training technology. The Schweizer 300CBi is the only helicopter specifically designed for flight training. Our helicopters are low time and maintained by Schweizer factory trained maintenance personnel. We don't trust our maintenance to just anyone!

We use Part 61/141 approved Jeppesen training materials tailored to the Schweizer 300CB.

Although it covers all types of helicopters, having training materials that are tailored to the specific aircraft that you are flying is a tremendous advantage and accelerates learning!

Our commercial contracts and experience lend an added benefit to your training.

Our experienced pilots offer their experience in real world commercial helicopter flying to you during your training. Flying helicopters as a career means learning more than just the book!