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Light Sport

Getting into a Light Sport Aircraft has never been easier, more affordable, or as exciting. On your very first flight you can take the controls to taxi, takeoff, and fly. In just a few lessons, you will have the skill level to experience the thrill and accomplishment of solo flight.

With a minimum of 20 hours of flying, you can be a Sport Pilot with the ability and confidence to explore the world from another dimension and experience the freedom that only Light Sport Aircraft can provide. Hummingbird Aviation will launch your adventure into the new world of the Light Sport Aircraft in our Jabiru J170-SP, all without the hassle of securing a medical. If you take the first step by setting up an Introductory Flight, Hummingbird Aviation will take you the rest of the way.

Minimum Sport Pilot Requirements (Actual flight hours depends on individual skill)

  • 15 hours of flight training with a Certified Flight Instructor
  • 5 hour of solo flight
  • Valid Drivers License
  • Your ground training can be one-on-one with your instructor, at home study course, or Hummingbird Aviation’s ground school class
  • Must pass the FAA written knowledge test (Can be completed at Hummingbird Aviation)
  • Must pass the FAA flight test (Can be completed at Hummingbird Aviation)
  • Once you receive your Sport Pilot Certificate you are allowed to do the following:

  • Fly Light Sport Aircraft (Rent or Purchase from Hummingbird Aviation)
  • Fly during the day light hours
  • Fly below 10,000 feet
  • Carry one passenger