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Ground Schools *TUITION $299 per Person*

Airplane Ground School starts May 9th, 2015

Part 141 Certified Private Pilot Airplane Ground School
Monday and Thursday evening from 7 to 10 PM at the Hummingbird Aviation FBO at the Flying Cloud Airport

Helicopter Ground School starts May 9th, 2015

Part 141 Helicopter Private Pilot Ground School
Monday and Thursday from 7 to 10 PM at the same location.

Seating is Limited!
Seating in each class is limited to 10. Call (952) 944-2628 to register

FAA Approved Ground School
We offer both a Part 61 and a Part 141 FAA Approved ground school. The information is the same but the testing standards and attendance requirements are higher for the Part 141 training. We will explain the Part 141 requirements on the first night of class. Text books and pilot supplies required for the class typically cost about $150. Some of the texts can be downloaded free from
FAA Private Pilot Knowledge Test Prep
Each private pilot ground school is focused on knowledge information required for a new student to pass the FAA Private Pilot (or Light Sport) knowledge test. However, many ATP and commercial rated pilots have taken the course and rave about the content and review. These ground schools focus on helicopter-specific and airplane-specific knowledge; therefore, they are perfect for pilots of all experience levels.
Practice Tests FREE
We offer FREE sessions for anyone wanting to take practice FAA exams. You do not have to be a Hummingbird customer to participate. We use the most current FAA question pool for ALL FAA Knowledge Tests. These practice sessions are during normal business hours. However, CATS testing customers have priority for the testing rooms.
What We Cover
Our Private Pilot Ground School will take you, a new student, from our front door to your destination on a cross-country trip as the pilot-in-command of a personal helicopter or airplane. The 8-week, 48-hour curriculum will ensure that you will have all the knowledge requirements established by the FAA to qualify you to pass the Private Pilot Written Exam.
  • Stage 1: Answer some basic questions. "What is a helicopter (or airplane)?" "What makes it fly?" "What limits an aircraft in flight?" and "How does a pilot control the aircraft in flight?"
  • Stage 2: We roll the aircraft out of the hanger and begin flying it in the real world of controlled and uncontrolled airspace.
  • Stage 3: Adds the elements of weather that can effect your decision to depart on a flight and determine whether a flight can be safely completed.
  • Stage 4: Basic cross-country navigation skills are introduced as you learn how to prepare and plan for your upcoming flight using charts and standard aircraft instruments.
  • Stage 5: We discuss your role and responsibility for planning and decision making before, during, and after your flight.
  • Class Schedule
    Each ground school class is 48-hours of quality ground instruction. Class meets Monday and Wednesday nights for airplanes and Tuesday and Thursday nights for helicopters from 7 to 10 pm at our Flying Cloud airport facilities. Ground school concludes with an endorsement to take your FAA Private Pilot (or Light Sport) Knowledge Test. The Knowledge Test is valid for 24 months and is a prerequisite for your private pilot flight test with an FAA designated pilot examiner. You can take the FAA knowledge test at the Hummingbird Aviation facility. We have three private testing rooms with new state of the art computers providing a quality testing environment. Free practice exams using the most current FAA question pool are available by appointment.
    Come Back for More!
    Once you complete our ground school, you are invited to sit in on any future private pilot ground school class at no additional cost. You would be surprised how many licensed pilots come back to "audit" a class. This offer is particularly valuable if you have been away from flying for a while.