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Helicopter Flight Instruction

We offer private pilot, commercial pilot, instrument pilot, instructor pilot, instrument instructor pilot ATP helicopter ratings.

Our Sikorsky S300CB instrument training helicopter is ideal for your instrument rating. It provides a smooth and comfortable ride.

Our FlyIt helicopter flight simulator is available for visual and instrument training. The FAA has certified the FlyIt simulator for up to 7.5 hours of visual flight training toward your private or commercial helicopter rating and up to 20 of the required 40 hours of instrument training toward your helicopter instrument license. The helicopter flight simulator is a cost effective way to maintain your instrument currency and proficiency. Check it out with our low introductory price.

Want professional training on your site? The FlyIt helicopter simulator is a fully enclosed mobile classroom on wheels. We can take the simulator to your remote site and train your pilots at your facility. Think of the savings in travel time alone. Call now for pricing and availability.

Private Pilot Program: Phase 1 (Pre-Solo)

The object of this phase is to train you to the level where you can safely perform all the basic flight maneuvers and procedures. You will learn and practice takeoffs, landings, traffic patterns, radio work and emergency procedures. When you and your instructor are ready, it will be time for the big step -- your first solo. You will start your big day with a few traffic patterns with your flight instructor to be sure you feel comfortable. When you land, your instructor will get out and watch you repeat the maneuvers. You will pick the helicopter up to a hover, this time all on your own, and execute a few more traffic patterns before returning to your instructor a new person and ready for stage II.

Private Pilot Program: Phase 2 (Student Pilot)

During this phase you will develop your skills in the basic maneuvers. Between solo flights you will fly with your instructor who will introduce you to the advanced maneuvers and the principles of cross-country navigation, night flight and operations at towered airports. This is probably the most exciting part of the training, since you now get a chance to put the skills you have acquired to practical use.

Private Pilot Program: Phase 3 (Pre-Checkride)

This consists of the last few hours of dual instruction, during which your instructor assists in refining your skills in preparation for the practical test. No new maneuvers are introduced during this phase; most of the emphasis is on accuracy and judgment. This phase ends with the checkride which is given by an FAA designated pilot examiner.

Ground School and CATS

We offer FAA certified Part 141 private pilot helicopter and airplane ground schools. Our written materials and comprehensive instruction will prepare you for the FAA Knowledge Test and much, much more. Just ask one of our many satisfied customers.

For your convenience, we offer Computer Assisted Testing Service (CATS) testing at our Flying Cloud Airport facility. If you already hold a Private Pilot (Airplane) Certificate, you will not have to take another written test for helicopters; but many airplane pilots take our helicopter ground school just to update knowledge that may have gotten rusty.