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The Direct User Access Terminal (DUAT) Service is a computerized service provided by the FAA. It allows current pilots to directly access FAA weather data and flight plan systems. This service is ONLY for licensed pilots, student pilots and flight dispatchers. DUAT provides valid FAA weather briefings and official flight plans. There are two competing DUAT services, one by Data Transformation Corporation (DTC) and the other by Computer Sciences Corporation (CSC). In addition CSC DUATS offers text and Windows based interfaces to the service. Finally, CSC DUATS offers a Windows interface program which greatly improves the experience and utility of the service. Try all three and use the one that works best for you. We encourage you to become a registered DUAT user.

DUAT Access

Access DTC DUAT here. (Nice interface.)

Access CSC DUAT here. (Just plain text.)

Download CSC Cirrus Program for Windows here.

Did you know that violation of a TFR results in a mandatory 60 day suspension of your pilots license? No exceptions!

In addition you may be asked perform a "709" flight check with an FAA examiner.

Check for Temporary Flight Restrictions (TFRs) BEFORE You Fly!

Read FAA Letter to Airmen regarding TFRs.

Play the TSA Theme Song. (4505kb)